Our Brands : Pawleys Island Hammocks

In a world that often pulls us to and fro’, certain words give us reason to pause and reflect. One of these words is tradition. It gives a sense of stability, it’s something true that stands the test of time.

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Our Original Pawleys Island hammocks have stood the test of time too. It is perhaps because even though it has been over 125 years since a South Carolina riverboat Captain by the name of Joshua John Ward first wove his rope hammock, we still employ those same methods today. His goal was to create a cool, comfortable, cotton-rope bed for steamy Lowcountry nights out on the water. Our goal has always been to share this Carolina creation with America.

Tradition, a simpler time, a time of thanks is one we are grateful to share with you.

Since the time of Cap’n Josh as we call him, the world has changed and it seems that with each passing year, time flies faster and faster. The Lowcountry life harkens back the days of screened porch doors that slammed shut as children ran outside to play, fireflies on a summers eve and of course whispy strands of Spanish moss being blown by a cool breeze. A time that moved a bit slower, with the chance to daydream and wonder.

Leading into last year we’d had a chance to go back, wonder and tinker a bit like Cap’n Josh and introduced our line of better-than-wood HDPE furniture. Each piece is produced by Carolina craftsmen that bring with them years of traditional woodworking experience. The response, nothing short of amazing, helped keep our creativity going and we are pleased to extend the line again this year.

While we’ve hand woven a riverboat full of hammocks over the years we’ve also become experts at producing swings, outdoor curtains and pillows all with the same Pawleys spirit running through them.

Tradition, a simpler time, a time of thanks is one we are grateful to share with you.