Our Brands : Nags Head Hammocks

Folks come to the Outer Banks for many reasons, to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, do a bit of soul-searching or to simply relax. It’s a place where the waves wash away mountains worth of tension and some time spent swaying in a hammock seems cure just about anything that ails ya.

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Local folks have been saying that for years….right about the time a beach loving dude first start weaving hammocks here back in 1974. Employees in our first shop, which was no more than a converted cottage, were genuinely happy to see customers – and it showed. The place just felt right.

Relax! It’s a Nags Head Hammocks original.

Over time, one store turned into three, each with the uniqueness of a seashell, and guests kept coming. Everyone wanted to take back something that fit their best “OBX” memories. We reckon that between that and how mesmerizing it was to see a hammock actually being hand-woven, folks just had to take one back home with them. They took them back to places like Ringoes, NJ; Unionville, Indiana and elsewhere across this great land. If space was too tight for a return trip home, we’d ship items and this continues today, especially with the internet.

Soon, we were producing a variety of handcrafted chairs, swings and accessories, all with the same passion that has made Nags Head Hammocks legendary. Our woods have been repeatedly varnished to bring out a natural golden honey color and more recently we’ve introduced pieces using HDPE lumber. Designed to withstand the harshest of elements, HDPE lumber offers an alternative to traditional wood.

It’s not surprising that with our heritage of quality and excellence, we still say…

Relax! It’s a Nags Head Hammocks original.