Our Brands : Hatteras Hammocks

It's hardly our aim to boast here. Of course, we hardly have to! Our trendsetting products have been doing that job for us since our family company's humble beginnings back in 1971.

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At Hatteras Hammocks®, our exceptional hammocks, hammock stands, hammock pillows, hammock swings, swing stands and relaxation accessories are routinely among the most mimicked on the market. We come up with it; others copy it. Little surprise, then, that the bulk of recent industry innovations in the art of hammock-making, hammock support and hammock-inspired outdoor furniture can be traced right to our very own pioneering production facility in eastern North Carolina.

Yet for all our many advances and improvements these past four decades, our operating philosophy remains ultimately unchanged, since day one. Back when founder Walter R. Perkins Jr. went into his backyard work shed to take apart a hammock he'd bought during a trip out to the Carolina beaches. His goal? To learn how the thing worked, so he could handcraft an even better hammock for himself, from scratch.

Think of it, simply, as the Hatteras Difference.

Mr. Perkins, a tinkerer by nature, quickly became an accomplished hammock-maker. So much so that today Hatteras Hammocks is one of the world's largest, best-known producers of quality handmade hammocks.

Innovation in pursuit of supreme relaxation, that was Mr. Perkins' standard from the start. We're proud to say that's still the Hatteras way even today. Through the years, our ceaseless commitment to improvement and our willingness to try pretty much anything have yielded new and better materials for construction. They've likewise led us to our own unique method of hammock-making, a blend of handcrafting and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that together have enabled us to bring advanced durability and streamlined beauty to our ongoing quest for relaxation excellence.

That's a real mouthful, isn't it? Think of it, simply, as the Hatteras Difference.