Dealer Information

When we started out, all our business was done through specialty dealers and quality catalogs; there was no such thing as the Internet!

Obviously, so very much has changed since then, with the consumer experience spreading like wildfire across the ever-evolving online world. But through all that changing, one thing has never ceased to be true for us: The importance of our dealers, both in physical storefronts and now online, in representing our established, trusted brand to their own dedicated customers. We love what we do, and we simply wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

The advantages of becoming a dealer for The Hammock Source
  • We offer quality products crafted of the finest materials
  • We stand behind our products with superior customer service and timely delivery
  • We offer attractive discount levels for quantity orders
  • All products are designed and packaged to ship parcel service
  • We offer a variety of marketing aids including merchandising displays, posters, consumer fliers, and banners
  • Advertising allowance is included in wholesale pricing
  • We participate in aggressive national advertising to deliver consumers to our dealers' doors asking for our products by name