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Furniture with a purpose

Furniture With a Purpose. Before it made furniture, Pawleys Island Hammocks made...hammocks. It all started in 1889 when riverboat captain Joshua John Ward first fashioned an innovative rope hammock to get a cool nights sleep in Carolina Low Country. Since that time, the company has made over a million hammocks. Its safe to say they know a thing or two about hammocks...and tradition.

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The Hammock Source Displays American Ingenuity Again with Pawleys Island Expansion

Domestic manufacturing excellence and an unwavering "can-do" attitude are always on display from the North Carolina factory floor of The Hammock Source. As the producer of the Original Pawleys Island rope hammock collection, The Hammock Source is once again showcasing this ingenuity as it expands the successful - and inherently American - lifestyle brand.

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HammockSource IT department takes tech steps to craft a "greener" workplace

Business reports are sometimes a mixed blessing. They generally provide vital information but, in printed form, they also take up a lot of desk space and consume paper, toner and valuable IT time. Just ask the folks at The HammockSource!

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The HammockSource transforms backyards around the world

Hammocks foster images of laidback comfort and luxurious relaxation. Inside the Hammock Source, employees work hard to maintain that ideal image around the world. Under the lead of founder Walter R. Perkins Jr., employees are empowered to come up with creative ways to better the centuries-old handcrafted product, whether in the Hatteras Hammocks brand’s right connection weld of its supportive stand or the dense hardwood of its spreader bars, its weather resistant finish, hand-woven rope bed or quilted DuraCord fabric bed.

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The Hammock Source | Hatteras Duracord

In honor of it being that time of year when many of us are returning from a holiday and a sandy beach to the doldrums of our busy lives, we bring to you The Hammock Source. Whether you are lying in a hammock feeling the ocean breeze and drinking a High Life, a hammock is the ultimate way to relax. So we ask you, what better way to end the day than by swaying gently back in forth, suspended weightless above the terra firma? It's a veritable panacea for stress and worry.

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Specialty Fabrics Review | Certifiably Green

From magazine articles to seminars to trade show floors, the topic of sustainability has worked its way into business consciousness. And most manufacturers and distributors are starting to realize that implementing a few green elements here and there is not enough. Is it possible for a business to be a responsible steward of both the planet and the company’s profit margin?