Press Release

Weather-Tough, Stain-Defying, Yet Amazingly Soft - Duracord Delivers!

An outdoor-furnishings material ought not to produce indoor worries. If I spill my wine on it, will it stain? If it gets too damp, will it start to rot? If I have to clean it, will it fade? If I use it often, will it start wearing thin?

DuraCord: Tough against the elements, as soft as cotton against you.

So when The HammockSource switched many of our outdoor fabrics, ropes and rugs from cotton to the synthetic DuraCord® fiber we’d helped develop, we knew we were risking our hard-earned reputation of being the best at what we do. If DuraCord didn’t deliver, then neither did we!

There are a lot of things that DuraCord doesn’t do: It doesn’t stain. It doesn’t rot, mold or mildew. It doesn’t fade from heavy sun exposure, or even from being splashed with bleach. By contrast, what it does do is clean easily (just soap and water), dry quickly and last a long, long time.

But if a rope or fabric hammock doesn’t feel good against your skin, or a rug fails to entice your toes, what does it matter how long-lasting and great looking it is? Softness is simply essential.

So we put a few of our DuraCord products in front of a cotton expert, a man whose family has been in the yarn-spinning business for several generations. We asked him: Is DuraCord as soft as cotton? He refused point blank to answer. Want to guess why?

DuraCord: Tough against the elements, as soft as cotton against you.